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Range Rover Sport HSE 2024

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Range Rover Sport HSE 2024

Ready to elevate the standard of your driving experience? FLM Luxury Rent is thrilled to offer you the extraordinary Range Rover Sport HSE 2024. This luxury supercar stands out for its perfect balance between elegant design, unmistakable power, and supreme comfort.

The Range Rover Sport HSE 2024 also provides an unparalleled driving experience thanks to its powerful engine and all-wheel drive, ensuring maximum safety and control on all types of terrain.

The luxury of the Range Rover Sport HSE 2023 does not stop on the outside. Once inside, you will find yourself wrapped in an atmosphere of unparalleled refinement. Every detail of the cabin has been carefully considered, offering a driving experience that is as luxurious as it is unforgettable. To savor the luxury of this exceptional supercar, do not hesitate to contact FLM Luxury Rent.


YEAR:   2024
ENGINE:  3.000 V6
POWER:   249HP / 183 kW
TOP SPEED:   210 km/h

ACCELERATION 0-100:   7.9 s
COLOR:  Black

SEATS:   5
DOORS:   5
CONSUMPTION:  8 l / 100 km
INTERIOR:  Full Optional
GEARBOX:  Automatic

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Land Rover Range Rover Sport HSE 2024 | Noleggio auto di lusso FLM Luxury Rent

The Evolution of Elegance

The Range Rover Sport HSE 2024 masterfully revisits the timelessness of classic design, revealing a masterpiece of modern automotive engineering.

The distinctive silhouette of the vehicle, with its fluidly elegant and dominant lines, embodies the perfect harmony between sophistication and sporting spirit.

The powerful engine and all-wheel drive offer extraordinary performance, worthy of a supercar, elevating the Range Rover Sport HSE 2024 above traditional luxury standards.


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